Self Rolling - 5 Wraps per pack - resealable pouch - tobacco free - available in 9 styles


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About Us

High Tea Leaf is a forward thinking enlightenment and science based team that looks at the rich knowledge from our indigenous people. Using age old techniques together with new technologies, High Tea Leaf is an evolution of those blended ideas. With roots in Brasil, Uruguay, Israel and Canada the High Tea Leaf team is rich in culture and works to bring that experience to your rolling experience.


Our Wraps

High Tea Leaf is a result of years of dedication to improving the rolling experience. With years of research, the High Tea Leaf team has been working on a rolling technology across different materials. Being based in Brazil, the answer was obvious. The indigenous Guara people of Brazil have long cultivated mate as a tea.  Add in the industrious strength of hemp and layer in the cacao paste and food grade flavours along with some incredible processes we get the self rolling High Tea Leaf wrap. The evolution of rolling.